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Human heart

Human heart by Ewen

An organ is a group of tissues all working together to do a specific task. Organs come in many shapes and sizes, and are specialised for all sorts of purposes. Eyes take light and turn it into information which is sent to the brain, telling you what you can see around you. The heart is made from strong muscle which pumps blood to all the other organs in your body. Kidneys are organs for cleaning the blood, lungs for breathing, and stomachs for digesting food.

One scientist in this zone examines the placenta and how it transfers nutrients and gases during pregnancy, another makes 3D models of the heart to help treat patients virtually, and another works hands on with patients using machines to support their organs. Another scientist teaches University healthcare students about how the body works, another studies how pancreatic cancer happens, and another tests people’s ears to find out what is wrong, including making them feel dizzy (and occasionally sick!).

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