• Question: how many organs are in a fish?

    Asked by 323rgaq37 to Rebecca, Matthew, Gareth on 17 Mar 2019.
    • Photo: Matthew Smith

      Matthew Smith answered on 17 Mar 2019:

      To be honest, i don’t know the exact number. Fish is a large family of animals that ranges from something tiny like a clown fish up to a shark, so there will be many differences in the anatomy of these animals unlike humans which are all the same as each other.

      Fish share some organs with humans such as the brain, stomach and heart. Fish do have very special organs as well though, like gills. Gills filter the water over their blood vessels which lets oxygen from the water get into the blood and carbon dioxide head in the opposite direction. The gill is effectively an adapted lung that lets fish breath underwater! Some fish also have organs called photophores, which are groups of cells that can give off light! Fish use this organ to attract prey or to camouflage.