• Question: I’ve heard about grommits for your ears, what are they?

    Asked by AbbieCR17 to Hanna on 6 Mar 2019.
    • Photo: Hanna Jeffery

      Hanna Jeffery answered on 6 Mar 2019:

      Grommets are used to treat ‘glue ear’.
      -When I look inside someone’s ear, I am looking at their eardrum.
      -Behind their eardrum are tiny bones which pass sounds to the inner ear. These bones sit inside a little cave in the skull, called the ‘middle ear’.
      -The middle ear should be full of air. The air comes from inside your nose (your sinuses). When someone’s nose is blocked, sometimes the air can’t get into that middle ear cave, and liquid (like snot) gets in there instead. The little bones can’t move properly in that, so the person can’t hear properly. We call this ‘glue ear’.
      -A grommet operation removes the liquid from the middle ear. The doctor then leaves a white plastic ring, called a grommet, in the eardrum. Having a hole in the eardrum lets air into the middle ear and the liquid dries up, so they can hear better.
      -People with grommets need to keep their ears dry so that germs don’t get into their middle ear through the grommet. Grommets often fall out as the eardrum skin grows.