• Question: What would happen if someone had a heart attack and they never went to the doctors?

    Asked by Anoosha to Rebecca, Raashid, Matthew, Marie, Hanna, Gareth on 7 Mar 2019.
    • Photo: Gareth Nye

      Gareth Nye answered on 7 Mar 2019:

      they would feel very very poorly

    • Photo: Matthew Smith

      Matthew Smith answered on 7 Mar 2019:

      Gareth’s right. As with many things, if you feel poorly, you are best to see a doctor quickly as it makes it easier to make you better again

    • Photo: Marie Cameron

      Marie Cameron answered on 7 Mar 2019:

      It depends how severe the heart attack was. If it was very severe the person might die, but some heart attacks are “silent”, meaning you don’t get symptoms like pain, so you don’t know you are having one. This is more common in women. If in doubt, always go to see a doctor.

    • Photo: Rebecca Gosling

      Rebecca Gosling answered on 7 Mar 2019:

      If a heart attack is not treated then the heart muscle itself can become permanently damaged. This is because it is starved of oxygen. This means that the muscle will then be weak and will struggle to pump blood around the body. The person will get tired and out of breath really easily. this is what we call heart failure. If a heart attack is treated quickly we can stop this damage from occurring.

    • Photo: Hanna Jeffery

      Hanna Jeffery answered on 7 Mar 2019:

      Good answers here – I can’t really add any more

    • Photo: Raashid Ali

      Raashid Ali answered on 8 Mar 2019:

      Great answers here, although some heart attacks can be silent and you don’t know youre having one, some are not and one of the symptoms of a heart attack is pain with tightness of the chest, or pain in the jaw or arm – so they would most probably be forced to call for help and want to see a doctor.

      Having a heart attack means part of the heart is not getting the oxygen it needs to work properly, as Rebecca has said, it would cause damage to the heart which would lead to further problems that would require medical attention.